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Quantum frequency combs on a chip for encrypted communication and fast computation


Quantum frequency combs on a chip for encrypted communication and fast computation

Louis Salvail



Status: Submitted

12 Apr 2023

The mass network integration of devices and environmental monitors predicted for the near-future by experts,in addition to already rapidly increasing demands on bandwidth, will require technology that can facilitate andenable this social transition: an Internet with perfect security and bandwidth scalability for large amounts ofsensitive data (e.g. personal, health, or bank transactions), as well as the high data computing and processingpower to handle these "big data." Current technology will soon reach its limit with respect to powerconsumption, data handling capacity and security, in the end not being able to fulfill these demands. With thisthree year strategic project we aim to offer an innovative solution to the problems just described, by developingan on-chip "quantum frequency comb," i.e. an electronics-compatible multichannel source of nonclassicalstates of light on a chip, relying on available industrial fabrication processes and commercial photonicscomponents. The proposed research will allow the university team members from the INRS-EMT and theUniversity of Montreal, in collaboration with their industrial partners (QPS Photronics Inc., OptoElectronicComponents Inc.), to lead Canadian and international efforts in seeding unprecedented (in security and speed)data transfers via existing fiber optics infrastructures (known as quantum cryptographic systems) as well as thedevelopment of a fundamental cornerstone for a new photonic-based quantum computing technology. Theproject will address both the issue of bringing the quantum technology "out of the lab" into everyday use,through the miniaturization necessary for achieving widespread use of quantum cryptography. In this context,the scalability of our design and the mature technology associated with integrated waveguide structures is theideal prerequisite for a successful commercialization through our industrial partners. The new knowledgegenerated from this project and the training of highly qualified personnel associated to this work will contributeto enhance Canada's global competitiveness in the most advanced high-technology sectors, allowing to graspthe industrial opportunities it missed in the previous digital revolution.

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