Condalab 1438 | Modified Nocive Brewers Bacteria Agar Base 500grams (minimum order quantity of 2 units)

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    Modified Nocive Brewers Bacteria Agar Base, designated by Catalogue Number 1438, is a specialized selective medium meticulously designed for the detection of contaminating and spoilage microorganisms in the brewing industry. This medium is a critical tool for maintaining the purity and quality of alcoholic beverages.

    Pack Size: 500 g

    Key Features:

    • Selective Detection: Uniquely tailored to selectively detect unwanted microorganisms that can compromise the quality of alcoholic beverages.
    • Optimized Formula: Contains a precise blend of ingredients including dextrose, maltose, yeast extract, and other nutrients that promote the growth of contaminating microorganisms.
    • Industry Standard: Trusted by professionals in the brewing industry to ensure product quality and safety.
    • Flexible Application: Suitable for detecting and enriching microorganisms specific to the brewing industry.

    Modified Nocive Brewers Bacteria Agar Base (Catalogue Number 1438) is a crucial asset for breweries committed to maintaining the highest standards in alcoholic beverage production.

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