Aseptic Process Simulation (APS) and Media Fill Test (MFT)

ensuring the sterility of end products in Bioprocesses
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Aseptic Process Simulation (APS) and Media Fill Test (MFT)
Kadesha Dawkins

Aseptic Process Simulation (APS) or the Media Fill Test (MFT) plays a critical role in ensuring the sterility of end products in Bio processes. These tests are recommended by the European Pharmacopeia (Eur. Ph.) and are vital in validating the effectiveness of procedures in preventing contamination of sterile products.

Purpose: Validate Aseptic Filling Systems

APS/MFT tests are designed to analyze and validate aseptic filling systems. Their primary goal is to confirm that the implemented procedures effectively prevent contamination of the sterile end product during the manufacturing process.

Testing Methodology: Culture Medium

The culture medium used in APS/MFT is a critical component. It must be highly nutritious, capable of supporting the growth of a wide array of microorganisms, even at low levels of contamination. This ensures that the test adequately challenges the sterility of the system.

Testing Procedure: Simulation of Real Conditions

APS/MFT aims to simulate real production conditions as closely as possible. This includes mimicking the steps involved in the aseptic filling process using the selected culture medium.

Quality Assurance: Stringent Standards

Companies like Condalab maintain rigorous quality standards. Each batch undergoes comprehensive evaluation to ensure sterility, consistent performance, and adherence to specified criteria. This rigorous evaluation guarantees the reliability and safety of the products.

Regulatory Compliance: Meeting Standards

APS/MFT tests are critical for meeting regulatory standards. They are essential in demonstrating compliance with stringent regulations regarding sterility assurance for pharmaceutical or biotechnological products.

Outcome: Validation of Sterility Assurance

Validation of Sterility Assurance: Successful completion of APS/MFT signifies that the aseptic filling system and procedures are adequate in preventing contamination, ensuring the sterility of the final product.

By conducting APS/MFT and adhering to strict quality evaluations, manufacturers can confidently verify the sterility of their products, meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring safety for use.

Products recommended by Condalab:

1508 Thioglycollate Fluid Medium

1224 Trypticasein Soy Broth (TSB)

1380 Vegetable Peptone Broth (TSB Vegetable)


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