3B U8557410 - Zinc Sample for Hall Effect


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    For verifying the existence of a Hall-effect voltage across a zinc sample being supplied with a current I and located in a magnetic field acting perpendicular to the direction of the current. Ready-to-use sample is soldered onto a printed circuit board with 4-mm connection sockets. The combined holder for Hall effect is required in order to attach the sample within the magnetic field of an electromagnet.
    Thickness of zinc sample: 25µm
    Max. current through zinc sample:          15 A DC
    Sample surface area:         10x44 mm2
    Dimensions: 130x90x25 mm3 approx.
    Weight:                                           45g approx.

    Experiment Topics:
    • Hall effect in metals
    • Normal and anomalous Hall effect
    • Hall coefficient

    REST Client (Huachao Mao)