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  • 3B Scientific U117301-230 | AC/DC Power Supply 0 - 30 V, 5 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

3B Scientific U117301-230 | AC/DC Power Supply 0 - 30 V, 5 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

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CA$ 1,312.00

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    Looking for a versatile power supply unit suitable for experiments, student projects, or training? Our Continuously Adjustable AC/DC Power Supply Unit is the answer. This power supply unit offers digital displays for voltage and current readings, making it ideal for students and trainees in educational and laboratory settings.

    Key Features:

    • Dual Outputs: This power supply unit provides both DC and AC outputs, with a voltage range of 0 to 30 V and a maximum current output of 5 A for each.

    • Galvanically Isolated: The outputs are galvanically isolated, ensuring safe and precise experiments.

    • Capacitor Filtration: You can control the capacitor filtration of the output direct voltage with a convenient pushbutton. This feature allows for smoothing the output.

    • Thermal Overload Protection: In case of an overload, the device is equipped with a thermal overload protection switch that automatically turns off the unit, ensuring safety.


    • Max Output Power: 150 VA
    • Display: Two 3-digit LED displays with a digit height of 15 mm
    • Connections: 4 mm jacks for easy setup
    • Dimensions: Approximately 280 x 205 x 140 mm³
    • Weight: Approximately 8.3 kg (19.11 lb)
    • Item No.: 1002769 [U117301-230]

    With its adjustable outputs, digital displays, and safety features, this power supply unit is a valuable tool for educational purposes and experiments.

    REST Client (Huachao Mao)