Rain Gauge Stratus 6330

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    This rain gauge is a simple instrument that does not require wiring, electrical connections or even batteries. It is easy to install and practical to use during all seasons.

    The gauge has a capacity of 11” that provides an inside look into rainfall amounts. You will also gain first hand knowledge of whether or not your garden needs a little extra help staying green and lush throughout the hot summer months. This is a great product whether you are interested in tracking rainfall annually, or you are curious to learn how much rain fell during the night.


    ·          Capacity: 11" (280 mm)

    ·          Resolution: 0.01" (0.2 mm)

    ·          Size: 4" dia x 14" H (102 mm x 356 mm)

    ·          Weight/shipping: 2 lbs/4 lbs (0.9 kg/1.8 kg)