Macronutrients and pH Kit LaMotte STH-4 - 5029

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    Brand: LaMotte / Model: STH-4

    This test kit measures pH, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These come in a hard carrying case which helps to organize and protect the components.

    Measures soil nutrient levels as well as the pH using the Morgan methods and standard reagents with a colorimetric scale

    Features tests for:

    ·          pH, 100 tests, Range: pH 3.8-9.6

    ·          Nitrate Nitrogen, 50 tests, 10-150 lbs/acre

    ·          Phosphorus (non-alkaline soils), 50 tests, 10-200 lbs/acre

    ·          Potassium, 50 tests, 100-400 lbs/acre

    Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs