Kruess DR101-60 - Digital handheld refractometer with nD ±0.0005 and ±0.35 %Brix.

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    Experience the future of on-site measurements with the DR101-60 Digital Handheld Refractometer. This cutting-edge device offers you the convenience of digital precision for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to perform random checks or regulate mixing ratios, this mobile refractometer saves you time and delivers reliable results at your fingertips.

    Key Features:

    Digital Precision: With the DR101-60, digital measurements are just a button press away. Say goodbye to the subjective interpretations of analog handheld refractometers. The digital technology ensures reproducible and accurate results every time.

    Automatic Measurement: Enjoy the ease of automatic measurements. The DR101-60 streamlines the process, providing you with quick and hassle-free results.

    High Measuring Accuracy: Trust in the precision of your measurements. This refractometer offers high accuracy, with nD ±0.0005 and ±0.35 %Brix.

    Efficiency: The DR101-60 is designed for efficiency. It's fast to fill and clean, and its sample tray is made of stainless steel for durability.

    Robust and Lightweight: The device features a robust housing while remaining lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in various environments.

    Temperature Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation ensures the accuracy of your measurements when using the Brix scale.

    Display Flexibility: You can view your measurement results in different units, providing versatility for your specific needs.

    User-Friendly: The DR101-60 offers a very simple operation, so you can perform measurements with ease.

    Model Specifications:

    • Scales: Refractive index (nD), concentration of sucrose, glucose, fructose, and invert sugar [%Brix]
    • Measurement Range: nD 1.3330–1.4419, 0–60 %Brix
    • Measurement Period: Approximately 1 second
    • Measurement Prism: Optical glass
    • Light Source: LED
    • Temperature Compensation: 10–40 °C
    • Temperature Measurement: With integrated temperature sensor Pt100

    Technical Details:

    • Housing: Synthetic material, coated
    • Interfaces: Only USB
    • IP Code: IP65
    • Operating Voltage: 1.5 V battery
    • Dimensions: 110 mm x 62 mm x 32 mm
    • Weight: 160 g

    Elevate your measurements with the DR101-60 Digital Handheld Refractometer. Enjoy the benefits of digital precision, automatic measurement, and high accuracy, all in a robust and portable device.

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