Condalab 1244 - Letheen Broth Modified ISO/BAM 500grams (minimum order quantity of 5 units)

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    Welcome to the world of microbiological analysis with Letheen Broth Modified ISO/BAM, represented by Catalogue Number 1244. This specialized medium is your essential tool for the microbiological analysis of cosmetics, meeting the stringent requirements of BAM and ISO standards.

    Key Features:

    Cosmetic Microbiological Analysis: Letheen Broth Modified ISO/BAM is tailor-made for the microbiological analysis of cosmetics, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

    Neutralizer Inclusion: This medium contains neutralizers to enhance its effectiveness in neutralizing antimicrobial chemicals and disinfectants.


    • General Use Enrichment with Neutralizers: Employ this medium for general use enrichment with neutralizers, enhancing the reliability of your microbiological analyses.

    Pack Size: Available in a convenient 500g pack size to accommodate the specific requirements of your laboratory.

    Composition (g/L):

    • Casein peptone: 5 g
    • Beef extract: 5 g
    • Polysorbate 80: 5 g
    • Sodium chloride: 5 g
    • Lecithin: 0.7 g
    • Meat peptone: 20 g
    • Sodium bisulfite: 0.1 g
    • Yeast extract: 2 g

    Letheen Broth Modified ISO/BAM is your trusted partner in maintaining the quality and safety of cosmetics. InnScience ensures you have access to this specialized medium to support your laboratory's essential microbiological analyses.

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