Structural Behaviour of Light Weight Conveyor Trough Frame Assembly


Structural Behaviour of Light Weight Conveyor Trough Frame Assembly


Status: Submitted

31 Dec 2013

Conveyors and conveyor belts are essential equipment for many mining, manufacturing, and heavy industries for handling bulk materials. Precismeca Limited located in Wallaceburg, ON manufactures conveyor components and its various components and supporting structures for mining and other manufacturing industries. The company has been facing stiff competition from its competitors from various parts of the world. Precismeca must be able to keep up with the new technology and efficient materials to hold onto their current market share and to have them better positioned for future markets elsewhere in Canada, USA, and other parts of the world. Precismeca is making serious effort in that direction. They have now developed a concept design for the conveyor trough frame assembly that supports the entire conveyor belt and the materials handled by it. The first concept design uses very light and special aluminum material. The second concept design uses steel but is far simpler than the current standard frame. The new designs, if they satisfy the required structural performance and industry standards, will place Precismeca a step ahead of its competitors. Hence, it is mandatory to test their concept designs to ensure that they satisfy the industry standards before they manufacture and market these frames. Accordingly, this project will undertake detailed full-scale testing and analysis of test data to determine the structural performance of their concept trough frames and thus, will suggest if any further changes and/or modifications are required to satisfy all structural and safety requirements. The applicant, Dr. S. Das has long and extensive experience in research on steel, aluminum, and concrete structures. Precismeca strongly believes that with the active collaboration with Dr. Das this project will lead the path for success in their business and growth in the near future and creating new job opportunities in Chatham-Kent area.

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