Hybrid Water Desalination System


Hybrid Water Desalination System


Status: submmited

13 Apr 2023

A Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) located in Calgary Alberta is engaging expertise in the Industrial Water and Waste Water Laboratory of SAIT Polytechnic's Applied Research and Innovation Services to build a Hybrid Water Desalination System (HWDS) prototype. The prototype will be tested on coastal waters from various regions in the world. The project will help the SME to become a sustainable and profitable business dedicated to providing high water quality for industrial and residential use through environmentally-friendly advanced water treatment systems. The overall technical goal is to develop and build an HWDS prototype (200 - 1,000 gallons per day) that meets the required water quality standards. The design combines hybrid power with hybrid water treatment via an array of advanced membranes. The HWDS project builds on SAIT's portfolio of bench and pilot scale energy and environment research conducted in collaboration with industry. The proposed project generates valuable water with minimum energy consumption and waste, helping conserve the world's water by enhancing reuse in industrial settings, and increasing the availability of potable water via innovative solutions. The technology will boost Canada's reputation as a global environmental leader.

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