Automatic conveyer belt tear detection using computer vision


Automatic conveyer belt tear detection using computer vision

Parvaneh Saeedi



Status: Submitted

31 Dec 2013

Conveyer Belt Tear Detection Engage Grant proposal between DyMo Technology Corp and Dr. ParvanehSaeedi of Simon Fraser University will devise a computer vision system that detect the tear and damage of thebelt conveyers. The research creates a hardware station and a software toolkit that diagnoses the belt tear ordamage by analyzing real-time gray scale digital images of the belt captured during its operation. The proposedcamera based conveyor belt inspection hardware includes multiple cameras and communication systems withunique processing capabilities that will be developed and customized for this application. The system will bedesigned to stay robust in harsh mining environments including dust, lighting and temperature variations. Themain objective of the Conveyer Belt Tear Detection system is to detect and alert for the belt tears and damagesin an early stage to prevent catastrophic failure and/or unscheduled downtime of the belt conveyers.

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