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Yousuf Akram Mohammed



Affiliated with: University of Regina
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Yousuf Akram Mohammed's thesis focuses on the design of a hygienic blood collection system for poultry slaughterhouses. The research involves assessing current blood collection methods, identifying areas for improvement, and proposing a new system. Through the use of flow simulations and analysis, Mohammed investigates various components of the blood collection process, including troughs, pipelines, valves, pumps, and storage tanks. The proposed system aims to collect blood hygienically by retrofitting or replacing components to minimize solid debris contamination. Flow simulations conducted using Ansys Fluent reveal the optimal design configurations for maximizing blood flow volume and velocity. Additionally, the simulations assess the impact of varying amounts and sizes of debris on blood flow within the system. Results show that a trapezoidal cross-sectional trough design and a 3° angle of inclination are most effective in enhancing blood flow velocity and volume fraction of debris. The study concludes with recommendations for future work, including the construction of a pilot plant to further evaluate and optimize the proposed blood collection system for enhanced hygiene and efficiency in poultry slaughterhouses.

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