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Gordon Keller, PhD



Affiliated with: University of Toronto
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Gordon Keller, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Toronto's Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower. His research interests span Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, Cardiovascular Sciences, and Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Keller's research primarily focuses on understanding the mechanisms controlling mesoderm and endoderm induction and specification in mouse and human embryonic stem cell cultures. Specifically, his studies aim to generate derivative lineages such as hematopoietic, vascular, cardiac, hepatic, and pancreatic cells for transplantation in preclinical models of human disease. Through his work, Dr. Keller aims to develop new therapies for hematopoietic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as novel approaches for treating diabetes and liver diseases using stem cell-based therapies. Additionally, he is involved in imaging clinical trials aimed at improving disease diagnosis and guiding therapeutic interventions using new optically-based imaging platforms.

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