Poultry Blood Conditioning System

Poultry Blood Conditioning System




Status: Closed

Opened: 09 Aug 2021 - Closed: 08 Oct 2021

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We are currently seeking innovative technologies that address the crucial need for safe and effective conditioning of blood, with a primary focus on ensuring its safety and preservation. Our goal is to identify advanced methods encompassing physical, biological, or chemical purification processes.

Our priority lies in finding an alternative solution capable of efficiently purifying and preserving blood following the collection phase. Specifically, we are targeting the purification of chicken blood, aiming to derive a key ingredient for the development of human-consumable products.

The challenge at hand entails designing and implementing a robust purification system tailored to chicken blood. This system should not only ensure preservation but also maintain the nutritional integrity of the blood and its constituent elements, essential for human consumption. Crucially, any purification process should avoid altering the product's nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, thereby mitigating any negative impact on taste, particularly avoiding any adverse effect on the ferrous taste.

We welcome innovative proposals that address this multifaceted challenge, offering a solution that combines both safety and preservation aspects. The successful technology will pave the way for the development of high-quality, blood-derived products suitable for human consumption, enhancing the field of nutrition and food technology.

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