Poultry Blood Collection & Preservation




Status: draft

Opened: 26 Jul 2021 - Closed: 08 Oct 2021

  • poultry
  • farms
  • collection
  • preservation
  • blood
  • chicken

We are looking for a system to collect chicken blood. Currently, we waste the blood of the chicken in our farms.

The chicken blood gets mixed with feathers and feces that are released from the process.

We are looking for an alternative that allows us to purify and preserve the blood after the collection process. If we are successful, we can produce products rich in iron to commercialize.

Need description:

It is required to purify and preserve the chicken blood collected to use for the development of products for human consumption.

Design and implement a purification system for the chicken blood that preserves its nutritional ingredients for human consumption.

The purification process must not alter the nutritional and organoleptic parameters (negative impact on the ferrous taste) of the product.

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