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Innovative Solutions for Identifying and Removing Non-Crushables in Mining

Innovative Solutions for Identifying and Removing Non-Crushables in Mining


Status: Open

Opened: 31 Oct 2023 - Closed: 11 Dec 2023

  • non-crushable materials
  • production efficiency
  • conveyor belt damage
  • Ore processing challenges
  • Metallic materials
Are you an innovator eager to tackle a pressing challenge in the mining industry? The Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú is on the hunt for pioneering solutions that can identify and remove non-crushable materials without interrupting the crushing circuit. This challenge presents an exciting opportunity to make a lasting impact on mining operations.

Challenge Statement:
Five of our affiliated mining companies face a common issue - non-crushable materials that disrupt the ore processing flow. We are looking for innovative approaches to detect and eliminate non-crushables before they cause blockages and production losses. Leading this challenge is Buenaventura's El Brocal company.

Non-crushable elements, both metallic and non-metallic, pose a serious challenge in mining operations. They damage conveyor belts, leading to frequent stoppages and significant production losses.

Types of Non-Crushables:

Metallic materials: drilling rods, rebar, anchor bolts, and more.
Non-metallic materials: aluminum bars, pressure hoses, wood, and others.
Non-crushables often result from previous mining processes, causing blockages and damage to conveyor belts. El Brocal alone reported over 250 non-crushable-related incidents in 2022-2023, translating to economic losses exceeding $1 million.

Current Solutions:
Existing measures involve manual removal, visual identification, and the use of electromagnetic systems on conveyor belts. However, these methods are limited in their effectiveness and applicability.

Desired Solution Attributes:
We are seeking innovative solutions with the following key attributes:

Expertise in the field.
Agile implementation (within approximately 6 months).
Easy maintenance.
For commercially available solutions, Buenaventura will apply its procurement terms.

Application Deadline:
Submit your innovative solutions by Monday, December 4th at 23:59 hours.

Contact Information:
For inquiries and further details, please contact us at

This challenge offers the chance to drive positive change in the mining industry. Join us in solving a critical issue and advancing mining operations for a more efficient and sustainable future.
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