Understanding the Impact of Yeasts and Molds

January 18, 2024 by
Abdi Nasser

The Threat of Mycotoxins:

While yeasts and molds themselves may not be inherently dangerous, their metabolic byproducts, specifically mycotoxins, can pose a serious risk to human health. Mycotoxins are toxic particles that, when present in large doses and over an extended period, can lead to severe health problems. Understanding and addressing the growth of yeasts and molds in dairy products is crucial for mitigating the potential harm caused by mycotoxins.

ISO 8261 and ISO 6887-1 Procedures:

To assess and control the growth of yeasts and molds in dairy products, it is essential to follow standardized procedures. The ISO 8261 method provides guidelines for preparing samples, while the duration of the procedure is indicated in ISO 6887-1. Following these standards ensures the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Procedure Overview:



Prepare the sample following ISO 8261.
Duration of the procedure is as per ISO 6887-1.
Inoculation and Incubation:

Transfer 1mL of the sample (liquid) or initial suspension to two Petri dishes.
Repeat the process for "n" serial dilutions.
Transfer 15mL of YGC Agar (CAT. 1301) into each Petri dish.
Preheat and incubate at 25ºC for 5 days.

Retain plates with 10-150 colonies.
In the case of overgrown plates, retain a higher dilution even if it has less than 10 colonies.
Confirmation at Microscopy:

Investigate the identity of any pinpoint or doubtful colonies through microscopy examination.

Understanding the growth of yeasts and molds in dairy products is crucial not only for preventing food spoilage and economic losses but also for ensuring consumer safety. The presence of mycotoxins, which can result from the activity of these microbes, highlights the importance of following standardized procedures like ISO 8261 and ISO 6887-1 to accurately assess and control their growth. By doing so, we can contribute to the production of safer and higher-quality dairy products for consumers worldwide.

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