Revolutionizing Collaboration in R&D: InnovaScope™ Unveiled

December 7, 2023 by
Katerina Bavaro

In the evolving landscape of scientific collaboration, articles with over 10 authors have become the norm, showcasing the power of collective knowledge. The internet, with its array of collaborative tools like Zoom, Google Drive, and Slack, has further transformed Research and Development (R&D), enabling global collaborations without physical boundaries.Yet, initiating an R&D project can be daunting without the right connections.

Enter InnovaScope™ an innovative AI-powered service from InnScience designed to bridge this very gap. With InnovaScope, businesses can effortlessly post their technology challenges along with a concise description of their needs.

How it works:

1. Challenge Submission

Businesses can submit their technology challenges on the InnovaScope platform, detailing the requirements for their specific challenges.

2: The Top Results are Selected

Innscience's innovate AI-powered service is able to select the top results based on relevance, considering parameters such as the title, organization, principal researcher, type of research, and alignment with the challenge. 

3. Curation by Innscience

The InnScience team takes charge, curating innovative technologies that align with the challenge.

4. Automated Invitations

Automated emails are sent to the selected top matches, inviting them to join the collaboration.

 This streamlined process serves one overarching goal: fostering collaboration, especially in sectors like agriculture, mining, and food. By connecting businesses and researchers who might not have discovered each other organically, InnovaScope facilitates the scaling of research and technologies.In essence, InnovaScope is more than a tool; it's a catalyst for meaningful collaboration, breaking down barriers in the world of R&D. With this innovative platform, the journey from a technology challenge to a collaborative project has never  been smoother.

InnovaScope is not just closing the gap, it is redefining how businesses and researchers connect and innovate.

5. Participant Response

Sit tight, as participants respond, and new collaborations form.

For examples of Challenges, you can click the here

REST Client (Huachao Mao)