Taiga Robotics

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Member since October 05, 2021. Located in Toronto, Canada.

Affiliated to: Design Fabrication Zone


Taiga Robotics

Taiga Robotics is a Toronto-based startup working at the forefront of extended reality (XR), robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). We have developed a hardware-enabled software platform that facilitates continuous modernization by making state of the art robotics easy to use for experts and non-experts. In doing so, we lowered the bar to entry for otherwise inaccessible automation problems by allowing robots to program themselves and human operators to override when needed.

We are sought after by the nuclear and mining industries because we know that downtime and mistakes during adoption of new technologies can quickly outweigh the benefits. We design our systems accordingly, using our IRIS.PATHFINDER supervising software and our IRIS.XR human machine interface as needed to ensure there are layers of oversight and corrective measures available.

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