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Member since May 30, 2021. Located in Montreal, Canada.

Affiliated to: Science Discovery Zone


SPR | Affinité Instruments | Canada

Affinité Instruments envisions an immunization monitoring system for billions of people enabling us to reopen the global economy. Our unique approach is to link rapid screening and confirmation testing together and to build an aggregated and anonymized database to be shared with public health agencies and other institutions. In partnership with academia and public health agencies, we are developing a point-of-care platform and a test on dried blood spots that would allow us to streamline screening and testing and deliver a comprehensive annual antibody testing package for less than $50 USD. 


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Cross-Validation of ELISA and a Portable Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument for IgG Antibodies Serology with SARS-CoV-2 Positive Individuals Apr 02, 21 Canada Montreal plasmon resonance igg (dbs) detected strategically


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High resolution surface plasmon resonance instrument using a dove prism Jan 01, 10 Canada Montreal surface plasmon resonance instrument prism lens


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