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Member since August 16, 2021. Located in Markham, Canada.

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Oreka Solutions

Our Purpose

Oreka is an entomology company focused on producing premium-grade feed products that improve animal health and performance.  

Our goal is to help farmers reduce animal mortality, improve disease resistance with fewer antibiotics, and increase animal growth rates and vitality.

Through advanced breeding techniques, and proprietary harvesting and processing technologies, we create high value products that support better aquaculture and livestock farming.


Our Story


Unsold Food

We use fruits and vegetables that humans don’t eat to provide the optimal diet for our Black Soldier Flies.

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Farm Black Soldier Flies

We raise them from eggs to larvae and harvest and process them using our unique approach to maximize their health and antimicrobial properties.


Produce Our Supplement

Our patented harvesting process optimizes the nutritional value of the larvae and our end processing formula assures the best product results.

Since 2015, Oreka Solutions has been conducting research on the Black Soldier Fly to maximize its value and create products which drive more productive, sustainable agriculture.

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