Development of chicken blood and its derivatives as food ingredient

Due date October 08, 2021

Status Closed, Technology Readiness Level 4 Lab testing, looking for Prototyping

Tags day iron alternative iron content likewise

Posted by BIOACTIVA S.A.C. on August 04, 2021 in Lima, Peru.


It is estimated that the potential output is around 1750 kg per day.

Technological alternatives: Food product or food ingredient high in bioavailable iron. A nutritional alternative that is rich in iron content. An alternative food such as sausage or an ingredient for sausages or likewise.

Necessity description:

•Collecting source (poultry blood) for value-added products; currently blood is disposed of as plant waste

•Poultry blood is a value-added commodity for addressing the anemia in the country’s vulnerable population.


Solution description:

The solution should consider:

  1. High iron food product, equal or higher than 27.3 mg per gr of raw chicken blood and with high bioavailability.
  2. Development of sausages or ingredients for sausage or products for children's consumption.
  3. Organolpetically acceptable products.
  4. Preservation without cold chain (desirable).
  5. Production cost according to market cost for similar or equivalent products.

Technology for the use of raw chicken blood for the development of ingredients that can be applied in food formulations.

The solution must be based on the results of the characterization of the by-product (chicken blood).

Solution functionality:

  • Cost-efficient technological solution.
  • Suitable for application in human food.
  • The solution must not generate negative impacts on the environment.

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