How to improve productivity and efficiency in operations by taking advantage of 4.0 technologies and facilitating their adoption?

Due date October 31, 2021, days remaining 12

Status Open, Technology Readiness Level 4 Lab testing, looking for Prototyping

Tags artificial intelligence sensors business process automation big data processing

Posted by Hub de InnovaciĆ³n Minera del Peru on July 05, 2021 in , Peru.


Outcomes such as the increase in productivity, increase in plant processes recoveries, and reduction in time and costs, enable an opportunity for processes automation and development of sensors in mining companies. For their implementation, identification  of critical processes or elements is required.   

In addition, there is not enough online data for 4.0 tools, nor are there specialists such as Data Scientist with knowledge on mining processes, or the information is  overwhelming/redundant on vital signs of plant and mine equipment.

Likewise, to maximize the potential benefits of adopting new technologies, it is essential to manage the adaptation and use process by all collaborators. However, the sector is conservative and reluctant to implement changes, whether to new technologies or high staff turnover because of the inability to adapt to them.  

Technologies related to automation, use of sensors and artificial intelligence are needed for data management to improve the efficiency of processes throughout operations.


Valued elements and/or expected results

Se genere una visión consolidada de datos para el monitoreo y toma de decisiones.

Generation of a data consolidated view for monitoring and decision making.

Projecting solutions to be available that in turn allow better planning and avoid disruptions.

It is required to centralize the information under an integrated system that improves real-time analysis and high processing capacity considering large amounts of data.

An easy adoption by all personnel of the technology should be considered as a key element.

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