How to include common infrastructure for mining operations and the communities?

Due date November 30, 2021, days remaining 42

Status Open, Technology Readiness Level 4 Lab testing, looking for Prototyping

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Posted by Hub de InnovaciĆ³n Minera del Peru on July 05, 2021 in , Peru.


There is a growing need of a reliable and robust connectivity network, capable of adapting to the main sensors found in the current market; however, mining operations are often located in places that are difficult to access. Without this basic structure, projects such as control centers or robust dispatch systems, widely used in other companies, become inefficient or difficult to implement due to their cost.

Better infrastructure or facilities needed to expand connectivity can generate inclusion for remote communities with no access to internet. In addition, they can provide family and interpersonal quality time  by enriching the communication conditions for all personnel and collaborators during their free time. 

Technological connectivity alternatives are needed.


Valued elements and/or expected results

They should be cost/efficient considering the area for data coverage and network structure.

Perform data transmission in remote conditions, avoiding high infrastructure costs.

Be able to integrate or be compatible with current market equipment.

Preferably use clean energy.

Create shared value with the communities.

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