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National Association of Peruvian Inventors (ASONIP)



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  1. Generate a collaborative community that allows providing comprehensive solutions, in different fields such as industry, supporting inventors through the "PRODUCT LINE" mapped by ASONIP, from ideation to commercialization.
  2. Promote the integration of inventors with the different associations and national and international institutions, participation in fairs, etc.
  3. Make agreements with national and foreign institutions at the end of ours.
  4. Lay the foundations of a country with technological initiative in the different industrial sectors.
  5. Provide solutions to problems of vulnerable populations with creativity and inventiveness, strengthening their capacities from childhood at an educational and technological level.
  6. Strengthen education by focusing on techniques with innovative ideas (Workshops, educational centers, institutes, public and/or private universities, visits to schools, organization of fairs with municipalities and regional governments.)


To make our Peru a country technologically empowered and with growth in its own quality products, the product of the innovation of each one of the inventors in conjunction with the actions of ASONIP. Going from being an exporter of natural resource commodities to an exporter of technology and manufactured products with competitive technology in our country.

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