Hub de Innovación Minera del Peru

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Member since May 30, 2021. Located in Lima, Peru.

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Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú


About the Peru Mining Innovation Hub The HUB is made up of mining sector companies and allied institutions of the innovation ecosystem.

It aims to facilitate innovation in the sector through collaborative actions.

Member companies and allies join the Hub to develop activities that support and promote best practices and new ideas.

Sharing this knowledge will help guide the mining sector to a more positive, efficient, and sustainable future. 

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Title Due Date Status Stage Country City Tags
How to implement renewable energies, in operation and mine closure in order to be a carbon neutral activity? Nov 30, 21


Prototyping Peru mining environment & sustainability renewable energies water resources diesel particulate matter geothermal energy
How to reduce tailings and treat waters in tailings and collars with effluents? Nov 30, 21


Prototyping Peru environment & sustainability tailings management wastewater treatment
How to optimize the disposal, use and reuse of tailings? Nov 30, 21


Prototyping Peru environment & sustainability reuse and disposal tailings handling
How to incorporate technologies and models in mine closures that generate value for the mine and the communities as well? Sep 30, 21


Prototyping Peru environment & sustainability mine closure
How to include common infrastructure for mining operations and the communities? Nov 30, 21


Prototyping Peru mining 4.0 connectivity network remote communities internet access
How to optimize the use of water in mining operations? Oct 31, 21


Prototyping Peru resources water ensure situation processes
How to improve productivity and efficiency in operations by taking advantage of 4.0 technologies and facilitating their adoption? Oct 31, 21


Prototyping Peru artificial intelligence sensors business process automation big data processing
How to improve safety in the workplace by digitalizing the entire operation? Oct 13, 21


Prototyping Peru mining 4.0 workers safely technological needed contact
How to promote an integrated and participatory management of water resources? Aug 04, 21


Prototyping Peru water resources water management


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