InnScience: Innovation & Science

"Finding the best connection is only as good as the data that exist"

InnScience is a platform to find collaboration for research and development (R&D) projects. As a user, you can find curated partners willing to collaborate, have your user profile organically updated, get the best partners suggested with AI technology. Plus features that enable online project searching, expression of Interest, negotiation, proposal submission and approval.

InnScience Labs Inc. was incorporated in Ontario in September 2018. Since that time we have been serving researchers and institutions.

Our culture in few words:

Determination is more important than smartness, 

keep default to action, 

talk to users, 

don't look at the obvious, 

long term gain is better than instant gratification, 

respect each other, 

keep focused, 

build upon others' ideas rather than destroying them, 

and finally, be passionate about innovation and science.

What's different?

Multilingual, really open innovation, the founder is the user.

Our Team